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Let us help your business

The staff at Corver and Co. have a great deal of experience servicing the needs of local businesses. If you have a particular requirement, or just need help finding answers to accounting problems then please feel free to get in touch with us.

Helping your business succeed

Let Corver and Co. help with the preparation of financial statements for the ATO & ASIC and we will ensure you meet all your reporting requirements.


If you need supporting papers for securing financing with banks then you might be interested in having us help with the preparation of profit & loss statements or balance sheets.


For companies who require the maintenance of corporate records, we are available to assist as the registered company office. While your company starts up, Corver and Co. can assist by receiving the company mail from ASIC and performing the electronic lodgment of BAS and IAS forms. Once you’re up and trading we can hand these responsibilities back to you with appropriate training and support.

Taxation Requirements

Corver and Co. provide specialist assistance for the lodgment of tax returns required for companies, partnerships, trusts, super funds, and other legal entities. We also provide assistance to individuals who would like to help with lodging their own income tax returns.

Business Activity Statements (BAS)

BAS reporting has been a requirement of the ATO since 1 July 2000 with the implementation of the New Tax System. Corver and Co. can show you how to prepare and lodge statements and can lodge the first few on your behalf. Once you are confident you’ll be ready to lodge your BAS for yourself. For clients with larger turnover (in excess of two million) we advise that you allow Corver and Co. to prepare and lodge your BAS each time, as this allows us to more closely monitor your financial performance.

Fringe Benefits (FBT)

Companies supplying employees with cars, or any sort of benefits could be liable for FBT. Corver and Co. can help to determine if your company is required to pay FBT and can look at ways for you to optimise or reduce the amount of tax you pay.

Strategic Planning

Corver and Co. are able to help with planning your tax needs, structuring your business entity, or undertaking complex financial reorganisations. We help companies play a pro-active role in assessing their future requirements, helping them rationalise the best solutions in areas such as paying superannuation, reducing tax, or looking into investments. Such strategic matters are often considered and planned for towards the end of a financial year so that they are ready to initiate at the start of the new financial year.

Business Planning

Where we will offer impartial advice on insurance, superannuation, responsibilities and liabilities. We will also discuss general issues to be aware of and conduct a review of upcoming opportunities.

New Business Setup

Starting from first principles and looking at all aspects of the planned venture so that the entity,it’s accounts, and its relationships with the ATO, ASIC and any financing organisations are established thoughtfully and correctly. As with and business planning session we will discuss general issues to be aware of and conduct a review of upcoming opportunities.

Business Acquisition

Assessing all aspects of the pre-acquisition by reviewing all financial statements and company or account keeping records. We will look at how to incorporate with new business structures, providing advice on pitfalls and issues for companies, trusts, partnerships, etc that are involved.