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Accounting services for everyone

At Corver and Co. you are guaranteed friendly, personal service. Unlike larger accountancy firms which have the reputation of pushing their clients through their own systems, we will adapt to the needs of each of our clients to ensure a superior level of professional care.

Making Personal Tax Simple

Corver and Co. provides personalised accounting services to ensure you get the maximum entitlement you’re eligible for.  Trevor Corver himself works with every client to provide a personal accounting service catered to your individual needs.  Unlike other accounting firms where you’re just another number in the system we work to make the numbers work for you so that you get the tax help you need, delivered the way you need it.

Maximise your earnings

We have a profound understanding of the complexities behind lodging a tax return, and can sift through the details in order for you to maximise profits. We will guide you through each step of the lodgement process, ensuring that we make it simple and clear for you. We comply with all ethical standards and maintain an exceptional standard of integrity when providing our service, working hard to get help you get the best result from your tax return.

Financial Guidance

At Corver and Co. we can do more than just run the numbers for you.  We can provide you with guidance on your ongoing financial management so that you can stay on top of your finances throughout the year, not just at tax time.  Through consultation and advice we can assist you in understanding all aspect of the work we do so you can become confident in taking ownership of your finances.

Sole Traders

We understand how the time and effort of managing affairs as a sole trader can weigh heavily.  We at Cover and Co. are able to relieve some of this burden by guiding you through your BAS and accounts.  We can show you how to prepare and lodge your statements and even lodge them on your behalf.  As part of our ongoing financial guidance services we can also help you maintain your financial recording and reporting requirements so you keep on top of your money without losing track of your business.

Registered Tax Agent

To be a Registered Tax Agent requires the utmost level of honesty, professionalism and knowledge in tax accounting.  You can be assured of these qualities when working with Corver and Co.  As a Registered Tax Agent, Trevor Corver is backed by the ATO as a skilled agent with the knowledge and integrity to handle your financial affairs effectively.

What You’ll Need

Before your first appointment make sure you click on the link below to download our tax checklist. The checklist will help you to organise what you’ll need to bring with you when you meet with us regarding the preparation of your tax return.